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Choice Resale consignment services are built to support the liquidation and warehousing requirements associated with upgrades, disaster recovery, moving or consolidation of networking equipment.

Asset Recovery & Consignment Services (ARCS) is a suite of services offered by Choice Resale that allows you to choose whether to resell or recycle your old or excess networking equipment. This includes Cisco routers, Cisco switches, access servers, network storage products, security appliances, as well as networking products from Juniper, Extreme, Foundry, Sun, IBM and other manufacturers.


CONSIGNMENT: Send us your equipment on consignment.  We will test, inventory, and re-market your equipment for a 30% commission of what we sell it for. You can place minimum price values on each item.

TAKE OUT: You send us a list of everything and we bid on the lot of equipment.

DIRECT PURCHASE: If the product and the price are right, we will offer to a purchase your equipment outright.

PRE-SALE: Give us a list of your equipment and we will broadcast it to over 400 industry contacts. We place it on the Internet and direct market it to our customers, industry contacts and end-users.

RECYCLING: We can help you recycle used equipment that has no resale value.


All ARCS include transportation, flexible logistics, and equipment disposition.

Contact us today and start turning your used equipment into ready cash.